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Park Panel Program

California State Parks offers interpretive panels on topics of general interest for a wide variety of park uses. These panels can be purchased for a nominal price because the design and development work have already been done. All coordination with vendors regarding fabrication is managed by staff of the Interpretation and Education Division.  As funds are available, the list of panels available through this program will grow.

Video Transcripts

California State Parks is proud to feature a number of videos shown in our parks, many of which have been produced especially for our parks. In order to help teachers and others better prepare for a visit to a park, this webpage has links to trancripts for most of these videos. The videos are listed alphabetically by park name and then by title.

Informational Brochures, Inserts and Flyers

California State Parks produces a number of brochures, brochure inserts, and flyers that can either be downloaded and printed/copied for distribution or ordered by California State Parks employees in hard copy from our Distribution and Reproduction Center.

Guides for Educators

Many California State Parks have teacher's guides available for educators interested in helping their students get more out of their park experience. Unfortunately, most guides are not available online, but be sure to inquire with park staff if you will be visiting a park and would like to know if there is a teacher's guide available.

Guide to Environmental Education Programs in California State Parks

This convenient and useful guide provides basic information about educational programs in our parks. The parks are sorted by county and each has a contact phone number listed. The guide details which parks provide the following types of programs: Natural History field trips, Cultural Heritage field trips, Environmental Studies (day events), Environmental Living (overnight events), Junior Rangers, Litter-Getters, and Junior Lifeguards. We do our best to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible, but please be sure to contact the park in which you're interested to verify program availability