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Cell Phone Tours

Visitors to Monterey State Historic Park may take a cell phone tour of historic buildings by dialing (831) 998-9458, followed by a Stop Number when prompted. Stop Numbers correspond to various Monterey State Historic Park adobes in the downtown area. Listeners recieve a two-minute narration for each building. There is no charge for the cell phone tours, but callers will use cell minutes, according to their individual plan. Callers may also use land based phones and will be charged based on normal land based rates.
Click here for downlodable Cell Phone Guide and Map.

Stop Number/Building
Call (831) 998-9458
After prompt, enter Stop Number:

401 Custom House
402 Pacific House
403 First Brick House
404 Old Whaling Station
405 California's First Theater
406 Casa Soberanes
407 Larkin House
408 Cooper-Molera Adobe
409 Robert Louis Stevenson House
410 Casa de Oro (J. Boston Store)

To Get Cell Phone App




Apple App Store

  1. Search CA State Parks Monterey District in the App Store
  2. Select the first app with the State Parks logo
  3. Click install

 Android Google Play Store

  1. Search CA State Parks Tours in the Google Play Store
  2. Select the first app with the State Parks logo
  3. Click install

Virtual Tour

New to Monterey SHP! Take a virtual tour of Casa Soberanes by going to Virtual Tour

Click on Property Video  at the top of the page or navigate through both floors by using your mouse for 

360 views of all the rooms. Click on the 'hot spots' for video descriptions for each room.