Russian River District Dog Guidelines

Brochure:  Where Can I Take MY DOG?

Dogs Allowed Icon


You may bring your leashed dog to the following Sonoma Coast State Park areas within picnic/campground areas  and beaches. Each dog must be on a  six-foot-maximum leash at all times and cannot be left unattended.

Marshall Gulch
Carmet Beach
Schoolhouse Beach
Portuguese Beach
Duncan’s Cove
Wright’s Beach
Furlong Gulch
Shell Beach
Blind Beach
Russian Gulch

No Dogs Allowed Icon


No dogs are allowed north of Goat Rock and south of Marshall Gulch.

Call (707) 875-3483 for more details.

North Jenner Beach
Goat Rock Beach
Arched Rock Beach
Coleman Beach
Miwok Beach
North Salmon
Creek Beach
South Salmon
Creek Beach
Campbell Cove
Bodega Head

PARK REGULATIONS, common courtesy, and good judgment all require that you take special care when bringing your pet to this natural area. Thank you for your cooperation!

The snowy plover is an important part of the interconnected web of life on the shore. Some portions of this state park are closed to dogs to protect important nesting areas. California State Parks is working closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other coastal land managers to cooperatively manage the plover on California beaches.

Dogs are predators by nature, and their presence or lingering scent will disturb and frighten wildlife nearby. Dogs can transmit diseases and parasites to native animals, both marine mammals and land mammals. Dogs that run loose or become lost often harass or kill wildlife.

Dogs are not allowed on the Kortum Trail