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State Park Lifeguard

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State Park Lifeguards are open-water lifesaving professionals and trained peace officers with statewide authority. They help operate and manage state park units including coastal beaches, inland lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. See if you meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

To learn more about Aquatic Safety in California State Parks, click here.

Public Safety
bullet Aquatic Rescues
bullet Medical Aid
bullet Operating and Maintaining Emergency Equipment
bullet Law Enforcement Services
bullet Specialty Assignments such as SCUBA Diving & Swiftwater Rescue

Millerton Lake Lifeguard imageVisitor Assistance
bulletAdvising visitors of rules and regulations
bullet Providing general park information

Public Education and Interpretation
bullet Community Outreach
bullet Interpretive Programs
bullet Junior Lifeguard Program

Park Resource Protection and Management

For more information:
California State Parks
Exam Unit
P.O. Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296-0001
Phone: 916-653-9685

Locate A Recruiter
Standard State Application(Form 678)
Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire

Lifeguard Cadet
Salary - $ 3211 - $ 4187

Range A - $ 3344 - $ 4379
Range B - $ 3981 - $ 5265