The use of photographic equipment in units of the State Park System will be subject to appropriate rules and regulations. Photography for personal purposes is to be encouraged as a means of enhancing visitor enjoyment of units in the State Park System and extending the benefits and influences of the recreational experience.

It is the policy of the Commission for the Department of Parks and Recreation to work cooperatively with businesses, which includes allowing the responsible use of State Park System units by photographers. The Commission recognizes that such use is a valuable contribution to the economy and tax base of the State of California and can be an effective marketing tool for the State Park System. When filming occurs, the Department will be encouraged to recover all direct and associated costs. Photographic activities in the State Park System shall not result in substantial or permanent alteration of landscape, damage or danger to wildlife, plant life, cultural resources or other resources, or unduly restrict use or access by the public. Filming companies that film in park units should, where appropriate, include recognition of the Department and of those units in their credits.