Lake Perris SRA
Narrated by Russ Christoff

I decided to continue on to Lake Perris to catch a Hobie Cat regatta, but found a lot more at this park than expected.

Surrounded by the Russell Mountains and the Bernasconi Hills, this 8,000 acre State Recreation Area offers opportunities that could keep a visitor busy for days.

Massive Lake Perris is ideal for boating and fishing, and has a marina on hand operated by a concessionaire.

Here you’ll find everything you need to get yourself ready for a day on the water, or just beside it.

Lake Perris has over 400 campsites for those who want to spend the night.

Summer weekends and holidays you will need a reservation.

The impressive structure on the hillside is the Lake Perris Regional Indian Museum.

This is a great place to stop in and learn the history of the first Californians.

The museum traces the Mohave Desert Region Indians through three different time periods. It’s well done and worth seeing.

I met with Dave at the rock climbing area where people were preparing to scale the face of a large stone formation.

Climbing at Lake Perris is popular, and draws a good crowd on weekends.

As we toured the area Dave talked about one of the park’s inhabitants.

RANGER DAVE: We have several nesting, burrowing owl sites in the Lake Perris area, and they are real neat for folks to see because they are one of the few owls that you can see during the day time.

And it’s real nice this particular time of the year because they are nesting, so pretty soon they will be able to see small owls coming up from the nests.

RUSS CHRISTOFF: On weekdays Lake Perris offers visitors a place for quiet time.

RANGER DAVE: Lake Perris is really unique in that it offers so many things for active recreation that people tend to think of coming to the park for boating, hiking, and all kinds of active recreation.

But the real miracle is that there is also wonderful opportunities for passive kinds of things.

Just nature observation, taking a walk, inspiration, sunsets, all those kinds of things are here at this park as well.