D. L. Bliss SP
Narrated by Russ Christoff

D.L. Bliss with its Rubicon Trail and 168 campsites, is one of the most popular camping parks in the Tahoe Basin.

Weather permitting, camping here is available May through mid-October and some restrictions on RV's apply.

A steep two mile road takes visitors down to the lake where spacious campsites, an amphitheater and a pristine white sand beach await.

A ranger, John, explains why this park is so popular.

NARRATED BY RANGER JOHN: This is virgin growth Redwoods, which is hard to find at this elevation.

It has one of the finest white sand beaches on the lake to go swimming in.

And, beautiful campsites, some of them overlooking the lake.

NARRATED BY RUSS CHRISTOFF: You've got a geological wonder here, don't you?

NARRATED BY RANGER JOHN: It's fascinating. The lake isn't the deepest out in the center, just right off the shoreline of Bliss it actually drops right straight off to over 1,400 feet.

And, with the mountains right on the backside range is just as far right straight up. So it's a dramatic contrast.

NARRATED BY RUSS CHRISTOFF: How about nature trails and hiking?

NARRATED BY RANGER JOHN: Oh, this is an absolutely fabulous place to hike. You can take hikes as long as you want. Go into the desolation for days at a time, or at just the opposite end, we have a fantastic nature trail that is just six tenths of a mile so it doesn't take too long to go on it.

It covers all the different types of vegetation and trees we have here in the park, as well as the "Balancing Rock."

It's a humongous rock that just barely balances through its neck area. And it's really kind of interesting, because it's also an Indian legend about this chief that battled this great bird that was attacking his tribe and he was frozen as a rock in a memorial to his great service to his tribe.

When you finish the trail we have a fantastic visitor's center. One of the nice things about it is all hands on. The kids can come in and they can touch the stuff, they can pick it up, they can move it around, and they don't have to look at it through glass.

NARRATED BY RUSS CHRISTOFF: What do you consider the miracle of D.L. Bliss State Park?

NARRATED BY RANGER JOHN: You can't answer that in one sentence Russ, it's a miracle of the geology, it's the unbelievable scenic beauty of the park, it's the Indian legend and like a spirit that lives here. It's the grandeur of the forest, the interaction of the animals and thrown on top of that families have been coming here for generation after generation, and the traditions that they bring and share with their children.