Sonoma Coast SB
Narrated by Russ Christoff

From Armstrong Redwoods, I followed the Russian River to the Pacific Ocean and Sonoma Coast State Beach.

For 16 miles, this scenic stretch of coast along winding Highway 1 is the most heavily visited area of state beach north of the San Francisco Bay.

Covering almost 5,000 acres, it also ranks as one of the largest state beaches in California.

Under the single title, “Sonoma Coast State Beach,” this unique coastal area is actually a series of beaches with names such as Shell and Portuguese, and are separated by cliffs and jagged rocks.

The park extends from Bodega Head in the south to Russian Gulch north of Jenner.

Goat Rock at the northern end of the park near Jenner offers spectacular views.

From here, fishermen have a choice between fresh or saltwater.

Duncan’s Landing was once a place for small ships to land and load cargo. It’s also known as one of the most treacherous areas for unpredictable surf.

Here, views to the south are worth stopping for.

Special beach grass protects the dunes at Sand Creek Beach near the southern end of the park.

This area gives visitors nearly two miles of sunbathing and beachcombing.

The park headquarters is also located nearby.

At the southern most end of the park lies Bodega Head. Here, trails will take hikers to good vantage points for watching seals and winter migrating grey whales.

For those who like to camp, the park offers two distinctly different areas.

Beach camping with 30 sites is available at Wright’s Beach near the north end of the park.