Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve
Narrated by Russ Christoff

Located 2 miles north of the Russian River town of Guerneville, is a quiet stand of dense Redwood forest.

A large part of what is now known as Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, was originally a gift from lumberman Colonel James Armstrong to one of his daughters.

Armstrong's desire was that his coast Redwoods be preserved for future generations.

After much work over the years on the part of Redwood supporters, the park received the status of state reserve in 1964.

Although there is no camping, the 680 acre day use park is a peaceful place to hike.

Short trails lead to several spots where coast Redwoods, that are over 1,400 years old and 300 feet tall, can be seen.

Visitors will notice the air is cooler in the woods, and are advised to dress in layers.

Because Armstrong Redwoods has received state reserve status, the resources found there are protected by law.

Visitors must stay on designated trails, and not disturb or remove anything along the way.