Carnegie SVRA
Narrated by Russ Christoff

Located between the cities of Tracy and Livermore, lies a 1,500 acre park that is off road motorcyclist's dream. Unlike the sand dunes of Oceano, more the trails of Hollister, this recreation area is all about hill climbing. Serious hill climbing!

(No narration) Noise of motorcycles and roaring of the crowds in the background.

It's been declared by many experts that the hills of Carnegie, are some of the most challenging to climb in the world. In fact, it's been said that if a rider can successfully climb here, he or she can climb anywhere.

Carnegie State Recreation Area is protected by State Parks with the support of Green Sticker money, and of course from the California gasoline tax.

The facilities are primitive here.

During the summer when visitation is low, temperatures can reach well over 110 degrees.

In the more comfortable months, October through May, the park fills with the sounds of dirt bikes and ATV's. Four-wheel drive vehicles are also welcome, but are restricted to the valley floor.

Weekends are popular, drawing as many as 600 to 1,000 riders per day. All enjoying the mixed terrain of rolling hills, steep slopes and canyons.

I visited the park in spring when the North American Hill Climb Association was holding their annual California State Hill Climbing Championships.

Hundreds of drivers from 11 western states, and as far away as France and Canada, were attempting to master this hill which has a 45 degree grade.

Some hills at Carnegie are even steeper.

During that weekend, amateur and professional riders of all ages and ability levels competed for trophies and cash prizes, while creating a thrill for onlookers.

(No narration) Noise of motorcycles and roaring of the crowds in the background.

These peculiar looking extended frames, lend to the stability of the bikes as they climb steep terrain.

Riders modify the rear tires to increase traction. They use paddles or a combination of paddles and chains.

The park's concessionaire, Skip’s at Carnegie, carries just about any accessory a rider could want to keep him up and running. And the owners are most helpful.

The hill climb competition usually occurs in April, but if you would like to find out more about off-road events during the year, be sure to call ahead.