For Immediate Release: 8/10/2018

UPDATE – Aug. 10, 2018 Wildfire Impacts on California’s State Parks


Gloria Sandoval

Deputy Director of Public Affairs  


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California State Parks advises outdoor enthusiasts to plan carefully their next outdoor adventure in areas near wildfires. Some parks are closed, while others around the north Sacramento Valley and Sierra north of Calaveras County are impacted by smoke. Visitors with health issues or smoke sensitivity may want to reconsider visiting parks until the air quality improves. To ensure safety, the public is prohibited from entering closed areas.

Below is a list of parks currently impacted by California’s wildfires:

Carr Fire

Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park - Closed, Not on Fire

  • Park closed due to power outages and a road closure at the Trinity and Shasta county lines.
  • No immediate threat to the park by the fire.

Shasta State Historic Park – Closed, Was on Fire

  • Park remains closed until further notice.
  • Fire destroyed a 1920s schoolhouse and damaged the brewery and cemetery.
  • Artifacts were removed from the park and transferred to a secure location.     

Hat Fire

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park and Ajuhmawai Springs State Parks

  • Both parks are open but affected by smoke.
  • Highway 299 between Burney and Fall River Mills is closed.

River Fire (Mendocino Complex)

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park – Closed, Not on Fire

  • Park will remain closed until further notice.

Clear Lake State Park – Reopening, Not on Fire

  • Day-use areas have reopened.
  • Reservations for camping and cabins will resume beginning Monday, August 13.


For the latest fire conditions and evacuations, please visit CAL FIRE’s website at                        

Updates on air quality can be found online at

California State Parks encourages all visitors to enjoy state parks safely and responsibly, and help reduce wildfires. For campfire safety and campfire permits in California’s state parks, visit the department’s blog.

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