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For Immediate Release: 6/20/2017

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Recreational Boaters Encouraged to Boat Clean and Green

Contact: Greg Imura   I   (916) 651-5691

– With several new tools to help prevent waterway pollution, California’s Boating Clean and Green Program encourages recreational boaters to boat clean and green. A clean boating quiz, a new sewage pumpout app, fishing line recycling stations, pollution reporting, and aquatic invasive species prevention guides are just some of resources the state is providing to boaters this boating season.

With 1,100 miles of coast, hundreds of navigable rivers and lakes, California has one of the highest levels of recreational boating activity in the nation. This outdoor activity also increases the potential impact of boat-related pollutants that can enter aquatic environments. Pollutants that may be associated with boating activities include sewage, oil and fuel, detergents, solvents, paints, plastics and other marine debris. Given the large number of recreational boats in the state, even a small amount of pollution from a fraction of boats can cause serious harm to marine fish and wildlife.

Below is a list of clean and green resources available to California’s boaters:

Clean Boating Quiz: From June 26 to August 20, boaters will have the opportunity to test their knowledge on clean boating practices via a clean boating quiz. This educational tool will provide boaters with a myriad of ways to properly dispose of boat-related pollution, rules and regulations, and information on environmentally-friendly boat cleaning materials. Participants will be eligible to receive a boater kit and/or life jacket (while supplies last). View Website

Pumpout Nav App: Recreational boaters now have a new app to aide in the proper disposal of boat sewage. The “Pumpout Nav” app uses a mobile device to determine its location, then displays the pumpout stations closest to the boater, their operational status, as well as the cost, hours and location within the marina. The new app is free and available for download from both the Android Play and iOS Apple stores.

Fishing Line Recycling Stations: Fishing line can entangle and kill wildlife, and cause boat damage. It is not biodegradable and can remain in the environment for more than 600 years. Containers are available across the state to encourage proper disposal of used lines. Directions to mail used fishing line for recycling are also available online. View Map

Pollution Reporting: As good stewards of the environment, it is important to always report any oil, chemical, hazardous waste and sewage discharges to the proper authorities. It is also important to report any sick, injured, stranded, abandoned, harassed or disturbed wildlife. Reporting will not help not only to protect our natural resources, but also to minimize any potential impacts a spill or incident may cause. View Contact Information

Boating Cleaning Guide Book – Clean, Drain and Dry: Aquatic invasive species, such as quagga and zebra mussels, spread from one body of water to another by attaching to watercraft, equipment and nearly anything that has been in an infested waterbody. They multiply quickly, encrust watercraft and infrastructure, alter water quality and the aquatic food web, and ultimately impact native and sport fish communities. To prevent the spread of these aquatic invasive species, boaters are strongly encouraged to clean, drain and dry their vessels and any equipment that contacts the water before and after recreating. View Cleaning Guide

Abandoned Vessel Reporting and Turn-in Program: Vessels left to drift and eventually sink not only create navigation hazards, but they contribute to toxic pollution through oil, fuel, antifreeze and synthetic material leakage into the waterways. These harmful substances destroy fish habitats and pollute drinking water. Rather than abandoning an old vessel, boat owners can take advantage of the state’s Vessel Turn-in Program, a no-cost, easy alternative to abandoning an unwanted boat. Boaters can report abandoned vessels to local marine patrols and the US Coast Guard. View Contact Information

California’s Boating Clean and Green Program is an education and outreach program conducted through the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission. The program promotes environmentally-sound boating practices to marine businesses and boaters. For more information on the program, please visit

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