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For Immediate Release: 10/7/2015

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California State Parks Encourages Addition of Latino History Sites to the National Register of Historic Places


   Jay Correia

(916) 445-7008

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California State Parks announces that eight grants have been awarded to prepare nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for historic properties associated with Latino History in California. Nominated locations include sites within the cities of Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Francisco.

“Preserving our cultural legacy ensures that the past will not be forgotten. In knowing and celebrating the stories of our multi-cultural past, we enrich our present and move forward with a greater understanding of our collective history”, said California State Historic Preservation Officer Julianne Polanco.

Underrepresented community grants funded by the National Parks Service will be used to prepare nominations to the National Register for properties including:                                                                      :


Los Angeles


San Francisco

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation’s list of properties that hold significant value for American history, architecture, engineering and culture. The grantees include four citiesos Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, and Fresno) and two preservation organizations (Los Angeles Conservancy and San Francisco Heritage. These grants will pay for efforts to help prepare National Register nominations for historic properties associated with Latino History in California. California State Park’s Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) reviews and edits the nominations, directs them to the State Historical Resources Commission and sends them to NPS for final approval.

Nominations are expected to be submitted for review in fall of 2016.

Earlier this year, the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places approved the Latinos in Twentieth Century California National Register context. The document is a tool and guide for preparing nominations related to Latino history.

Approval of this document was the culmination of a two-year collaborative effort between OHP and representatives of California's Latino communities, scholars, activists, and legislators to preserve properties that represent Latino history, and streamline the process of nominating those properties to the National Register of Historic Places. The NPS grants continue this groundbreaking project by helping to cover the costs of preparing the National Register nominations.

As part of OHP’s mission to provide leadership and help preserve California’s irreplaceable and diverse cultural heritage, the office has applied once more for an underrepresented communities grant to fund development of another historic context, “African-Americans in Twentieth Century California.” It is important to recognize the many cultural, educational, recreational, aesthetic, economic, social and environmental benefits to present and future generations that come from preserving our shared heritage.

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