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For Immediate Release: 9/17/2015

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Geocache Bash at Hollister Hills SVRA



Julio Ortiz

(831) 638-3207


HOLLISTER Calif. — The Fourth Annual Geocache Bash is scheduled at Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015.

This family-friendly event combines 4x4 off-road recreation and geocaching, the global online scavenger hunt. Participants will receive free day use to search for newly released geocaches via 4x4 vehicles. This year the number of hide locations has expanded with the use of newly developed multiuse trails so that visitors without a 4x4 vehicle can participate by hiking or bicycling.

In conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Hollister Hills SVRA in 2015, park staff has organized a special anniversary series of geocaches. These geocaches will focus on the park’s history and highlight some of the park’s most beautiful natural features. All new caches will be made public on on the morning of the event. For those looking to attend Geocache Bash IV, coordinates to the new caches may be downloaded onto your Global Positioning System (GPS) at the event. Following tradition, all new geocaches will help encourage an appreciation for the parks natural and cultural resources through interpretive cards found inside each container which visitors will collect.

To participate in Geocache Bash IV, please follow the event signs to Area 5 Group Camp within Hollister Hills SVRA. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. A GPS device is required to participate. One official geocache logbook for field use will be issued per GPS checked in at registration. Due to the topography of the park smart phone based GPS can be unreliable.

The Geocache hunt will take place from 9 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. and conclude with a prize raffle beginning at 3 p.m. Visitors interested in camping at Area 5 Group Camp during this event should contact Cheryl Ashton at (831) 638-3390.

For additional information about the event, please email the park at or call (831) 638-3207.


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