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For Immediate Release: 5/27/2015

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California State Parks Announces Habitat Conservation Awards for Local Projects


Dennis Weber

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California State Parks Director Lisa Ann L. Mangat announced selections for $2.26 million in funding for 15 local park projects under the Habitat Conservation Fund Program.

This state program provides funds to cities, counties, and eligible districts through a competitive application process.  The Habitat Conservation Fund Program provides funding for projects to protect threatened species; establish wildlife corridors; create trails; and for nature interpretation programs which bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas.  The program requires a dollar-for-dollar match.

Under provisions of state law, the program is administered by the Director of California State Parks.  The California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990 defines the Habitat Conservation Fund, which will continue annually through June 2020.

The projects selected this year include:

Barstow Habitat Acquisition, City of Barstow

  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project Description: Acquire approximately 240 acres of Desert Tortoise habitat.

BEST: Building Environmental Stewards for Tomorrow, County of Orange, Parks

  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project Description: Provide one-year of K-12 field trips, community events, and Nature Scene Investigators self-guided activities at Irvine Regional Park and Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve.

Camp Cooper Environmental Education, City of Eureka

  • Amount: $75,981
  • Project Description: Provide four years of an eight week outdoor environmental education summer camp for youth ages 5-12 at Camp Cooper.

Desert View Recreation Trails Development, County of San Bernardino, Special Districts

  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project Description: Develop approximately 3.1 miles of trail and trailhead including restroom building, discovery shelter, information kiosks and minor amenities near the community of Joshua Tree in San Bernardino County.

Ellwood Beach Trail Acquisition, City of Goleta

  • Amount: $65,000
  • Project Description: Acquire approximately .33 acres for a future beach access trail.

Fischer Ranch Interpretive Trail Development, McKinleyville Community Services District

  • Amount: $56,600
  • Project Description: Develop approximately .75 miles of trail near Fischer Ranch and the Mad River, including interpretive signage and minor amenities.

Ford Trail Development, County of Los Angeles, Parks

  • Amount: $250,000
  • Project Description: Develop the Ford trail, including approximately 0.75 miles of trail, a 250' ADA trail, trailheads, interpretive and way finding signage, and minor amenities at the Ford Amphitheater.

Howlett Forest Conservation Easement Acquisition, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District

  • Amount: $300,000
  • Project Description: Acquire a conservation easement of approximately 1,395 acres of old growth redwood forest.

Mt. Rubidoux Trail Repair and Improvements, City of Riverside, Parks & Recreation  

  • Amount: $93,000
  • Project Description: Repair unpaved trails and install trailhead amenities at Mt. Rubidoux.

Pacifica Headlands Trail Acquisition, City of Pacifica

  • Amount: $304,535
  • Project Description: Acquire approximately 5 acres of coastal headlands for multi-use trails.

Peutz Valley/Chocolate Summit Acquisition, County of San Diego, Parks & Recreation

  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project Description: Acquire approximately 51 acres of endangered species habitat in the Peutz Valley/Chocolate Summit area.

San Vincente Creek Restoration, San Mateo County Parks

  • Amount: $70,000
  • Project Description: restore approximately .40 acres of riparian habitat at the San Vicente Creek wildlife area in the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Struve Slough Habitat Enhancement, City of Watsonville

  • Amount: $29,723
  • Project Description: Restore and enhance approximately 1 acre of wetlands at Struve Slough by removing non-native plants and planting native plant species.

Ts'iwish Wetland Restoration, City of Ukiah

  • Amount: $140,000
  • Project Description: Restore approximately 0.5 acres of wetland habitat adjacent to the Grace Hudson Museum.

Welcome to Wildlife Program at Peralta Hacienda, City of Oakland, Parks

  • Amount: $80,000
  • Project Description: Provide a series of 280 free activities over four years for youth ages 4-21 involving wildlife study and habitat restoration at Peralta Hacienda Historical Park. 

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