Charles Miller /Stationmaster’s House is a one-story residence initially constructed in 1886 by Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) for stationmaster, Charles Miller. The raised railroad grade (tracks removed) runs west of the property, and the depression of the train turntable can still be seen from the front porch to the north. A barn dating to the 1880s sits in the southeast corner of the parcel, and a 35-foot hand-dug well, the property’s water source, is located west of the building. The simple house design reflects the early railroad housing needs of the 1880s and the construction materials available at the time. The property was listed as the first building constructed in Raymond during its 19th century period of settlement, and for associations with Charles Miller, the original homesteader and founder of the town. Its construction marked the beginning of the rapid growth of Raymond as a railroad and stage hub and an important commerce center for the San Joaquin Valley. Charles Miller was the first stationmaster and railroad agent in Raymond for the Yosemite Division of the Southern Pacific Railroad and was the first agent for the Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Company in Raymond. Mr. Miller was also involved in the town’s social and economic expansion. While the house has been modified over time, the Charles Miller House retains enough of its historic character to convey its significance as Raymond’s first and oldest building, and its association to Charles Miller.

Registration Date: 4/29/2008

County: Madera

31956 Road 608 Washburn

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