NPS Number: 08000529

The Victorian residence, designed in the Italianate style, dates to 1872. The exterior of the building has wide grooved shiplap siding. There are simplified flat “pilasters” at the wall junctures with flat curved brackets – a subtle example of the sawn ornamentation found on the building. The original wrap around porch has chamfered posts, slender S-shaped brackets and dew drop decoration. The railing or porch apron has a repetitive geometric pattern of “circle & slot” interspersed with a pattern of tiny “holes & diamonds.” This sawn ornamentation is repeated on the second story veranda and the roof and is the primary source of “gingerbread” on the mansion. Orange Lawn was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C as a good, representative example of Italianate architecture that displays the distinctive characteristics of that style and possessing high artistic value. The building also represents the work of an unknown master craftsman whose sawn ornament achieves significance as sculptural folk art.

Registration Date: 6/9/2008

City: Sonoma
County: Sonoma

645 Charles Van Damme Way

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