NPS Number: 08000261

In 1990, the California Carnegie Libraries Multiple Property Documentation form was approved by the National Register as a basis for evaluating related properties for listing in the National Register. The documentation included a survey of all Carnegie Libraries in California and assessed their potential for listing on the National Register. While ten California Carnegie Libraries were listed at the time of the Multiple Property submission, the document identified numerous additional California Carnegie library buildings as potentially eligible for listing in the National Register, if they retained historic integrity. The Lakeport Carnegie Library was such identified. Constructed in 1918 in the Classical Revival style of architecture, the Lakeport Carnegie Library maintains a high degree of integrity to its period of construction. Carnegie Libraries are significant in their respective communities under Criterion A in the area of Social History for their role in community development. The buildings are also significant under Criterion C in the area of Architecture because they reflect the popular styles of the time and exemplify a particular type of building.

Registration Date: 4/10/2008

City: Lakeport
County: Lake

200 Park Street

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