NPS Number: 07001352

The tree row consists of thirty-three Eucalyptus globulus trees stretched along the southern right-of-way of Carmel Valley Road and the north and south right-of-way of Boronda Road. The tree row was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C in the area of landscape architecture. Eliza S. Clinkinbeard planted the Eucalyptus trees for Nathaniel Spaulding, his brother-in-law and then the property’s owner. The trees were planted at the height of the species’ use in California. The varietals were sold at nurseries in San Francisco and the East Bay. Soon the trees began to appear near homes, next to barns, and along country roads where they provided shade and decoration. The trees were also promoted as a windbreak for large unprotected wind-swept areas of the Salinas Valley. The most popular species planted was the E. globus, or Blue Gum, which can reach between 150 and 200 feet tall. In Monterey County there are large clusters or groves of the trees, however, there are no tree rows in the immediate vicinity that resemble the Carmel Valley Road-Boronda Road Eucalyptus Tree Row. Spaulding had them planted to define the entry to his property, as part of the many improvements he was making to his “Los Laureless Ranch.” These trees nicely lined the road leading to his property’s entrance.

Registration Date: 1/10/2008

County: Monterey

Carmel Valley Rd. & Boronda Rd.

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