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The San Francisco State Teacher’s College complex consists of four contributing buildings, one contributing wall structure, and one noncontributing building arranged around the periphery of the site with the central area of the campus occupied by parking lots. The four contributing buildings were designed by California State Architect George McDougall between 1924 and 1935, all in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The San Francisco State Teacher's College was listed at the state level of significance under Criterion A in the area of education for its association with the development of formal teacher training in California and as one of the few surviving examples of the Teacher’s Colleges that formed the basis of California’s State College and university system. The four buildings designed and built by the California State Architect and the WPA between 1924 and 1935 physically embody a major achievement in the development of California teacher education. From 1924 until 1957 the San Francisco State Teacher’s College educated a substantial number of California teachers and the majority of teachers in the Bay Area. The San Francisco Normal School and the subsequent Teacher’s College was a leader in educational theory, program innovation, and child development. Of the several campuses built during this first phase of public college development throughout the state, San Francisco State is one of only two campuses that survive in its original setting.

Registration Date: 1/7/2008

City: San Francisco
County: San Francisco

55 Laguna Street

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