NPS Number: 07001176

South Berkeley Community Church is located on a corner parcel at Fairview and Ellis Streets in Berkeley. This Mission Revival Church building was designed in 1912 by Hugo Storch. The church was listed under Criteria A and C in the areas of social history and architecture. South Berkeley Community Church was one of the first integrated churches in the San Francisco Bay Area. This church originally operated as the Park Congregational Church, but it closed in 1942 as a result of the demographic shift in south Berkeley that occurred during World War II with the westward migration of African Americans into cities like Berkeley, Oakland, and Richmond. The church re-opened as an organized integrated church with two pastors: one African American pastor and the other white. The church is also nominated as a good example of the Mission Revival style in Berkeley and exhibits character defining features of the style including stucco surface, projecting eaves with exposed rafters, bell tower, piers, and arched entrances. The property meets Criteria Consideration A for Religious Properties because the church is not listed for religious doctrine. South Berkeley Community Church was designated in 1976 as Berkeley Landmark No. 10.

Registration Date: 11/15/2007

City: Berkeley
County: Alameda


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