NPS Number: 07000996

This complex is composed of three contributing buildings, one contributing structure, and a "drive-up" sign.  The Main Plant was constructed in 1927 and is an example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann.  The Drive-up Building is in the Streamline Moderne style and was constructed in 1939.  The Annex was constructed in circa 1930 in a utilitarian style and altered in 1939 in the Streamline Moderne style.  The drive-up sign was added in 1955.  The complex was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C under two historic contexts.  The Main Plant is nominated for its high artistic merit.  The Drive-up Building and Annex are nominated under the Multiple Property Documentation for Early Auto-Related Properties in Pasadena.  This property was previously certified by the National Park Service for a federal tax credit as a rehabilitation project.

Registration Date: 9/27/2007

City: Pasadena
County: Los Angeles

443 S. Raymond Ave.

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