NPS Number: 07000788

The Eden Congregational Church was constructed in 1867 on the southeast corner of A and First Streets, facing west, in the town of Haywards. In 1887 the church was raised to enlarge the basement height for additional space. A central staircase was added to access the original entry and a projecting entry was added to the left of the front elevation to access the basement. In 1947 the building and its detached bell tower were moved about one mile north to new property the church had purchased. The building and its reattached tower were sited facing east. At this time the church was lowered to almost its original 1867 height. In 2003 the building was moved again, about 400 feet, to accommodate a master building and renovation plan for the church campus. The building now faces south and its height is similar to its original. The building sits on the campus southwest of four other church buildings. The boundary has been drawn narrowly to include only the historic building and its small immediate setting. The building was listed at the local level of significance in the area of architecture. It is one of the oldest surviving churches in Alameda County and is a good representative example of rural mid-19th century Greek Revival design. The little wood frame building has survived decapitation and relocation and remains in fairly good and original condition. The property meets Criteria Consideration A: owned by a religious institution or used for religious purposes, because the property is being nominated for its architecture, not religious doctrine; and Criteria Consideration B: removed from its original location, because the property’s significance is embodied in the building, not location and setting.

Registration Date: 8/3/2007

County: Alameda

1046 Grove Way

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