The tree row consists of 115 Deodar Cedars and 20 Oak trees stretching 1.39 miles along the southern right of way of Highway 152 in Gilroy. The tree row was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion A. in the area of social history at the local level of significance. The period of significance is 1930-1931. The town of Gilroy planted the Deodar Cedars at the height of the species’ use as a street tree in California. In celebration of California’s first Arbor Day, March 7, 1930, Gilroy’s Rotary led the planting project. Joining the Rotarians were members of the Elks, the American Legion Auxiliary, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, as well as school children and other Gilroyans. Similar events were going on simultaneously in other towns all around the state. By the end of the day, across California, about 25,000 trees were planted. Due to the success of the first Arbor Day a second celebration was held in 1931 and Gilroy planted additional trees along the highway. The trees remain a significant landscape feature of Highway 152

Registration Date: 7/3/2007

City: Gilroy
County: Santa Clara

CA 152

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