The Whaler’s Cabin is a one-story wood-framed building resting on a concrete foundation. n 1986 California State Parks archeologists excavated the sub-flooring of the cabin prior to pouring the concrete foundation. They discovered six whale vertebrae set at random points supporting the 4” x 4” joists. Hundreds of pottery shards were uncovered, along with skewer sticks, chopsticks, portions of toys and many examples of button fabrication from abalone shells. All of these artifacts were consistent with Chinese residency. The evidence from the architectural style and amount of artifacts found supports oral histories that the cabin was both built and lived in by Chinese that settled at Pt. Lobos in the 1850s. Data retrieved in 1986 led archaeologists to investigate the long accepted whaling association and discover the identities of as many of the former occupants as possible. Some of the data retrieved and analyzed was directly conflicting as to Portuguese whaler and Chinese fisherman occupation of the cabin. Further research is necessary and the archaeological findings may prove extremely valuable in resolving these dilemmas. The rich history and ethnic associations greatly expand the interpretative potential of the one remaining building on the site. The cabin was listed under Criterion D in the area of archeology and exploration and settlement. The period of significance is 1850, its date of construction to 1933 when the cabin was purchased as part of the state reserve.

Registration Date: 5/9/2007

County: Monterey

Pt. Lobos State Reserve, 4 mi. S of Carmel

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