NPS Number: 07000245

The Andrew McNally House is a two-story house designed in the Queen Ann, Shingle style by master architect Frederick L. Roehring. The house was constructed in 1888 and in 1894 the one and a half story Smoking Room was added to the southeast corner of the house. The house features a spacious front porch; circular tower capped with a bell-like roof; sash windows decorated with small perimeter panes or stained glass transoms. Included in the boundaries is an 1895 aviary that is now used as a covered patio and conservatory. The grounds also feature two original urns. The property was listed at the local level of significance in the area of settlement between the years 1888 and 1904, for its association with Andrew McNally. McNally was an early promoter of residential growth in Altadena. His house was the first substantial home built along “Millionaire's Row.” McNally’s enthusiastic endorsement of Altadena and its agrarian and esthetic charms led wealthy families from the Midwest and East to built their winter homes in Altadena.

Registration Date: 3/27/2007

City: Altadena
County: Los Angeles

624 E Mariposa St.

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