The Saratoga Village Library is a single story Spanish Revival-style library that was designed by Eldridge “Ted” Spencer in 1927. The library was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion A in the area of social history. The Village Library served as the only library for fifty-one years. The Saratoga Foothill Study Club, a club of local women, organized the first library in Saratoga and made books available for circulation at the local drugstore. As the need increased for a permanent library location, the women raised $12,000 in private donations to commission a library. Throughout its years, the library served as the primary location for social and educational events such as reading hours, book clubs for school age children, lectures by local and visiting authors, book sales, and displays by local artists and photographers.

Registration Date: 1/17/2007

City: Saratoga
County: Santa Clara

18819 East CA 88

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