The Roger Y. Williams House was constructed in 1923 for Judge Roger Williams and his family. Situated to the rear of the house are the original tank house and garage, both contributing resources. The tank house emulates the Craftsman design and detailing of the residence. The property was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion C in the area of archtiecture as a good example of a Craftsman ranch house reflecting the late nineteenth and early twentieth century agricultural history of San Juan Capistrano. In the 1920s blight ruined the walnut trees and large segments of the ranches in San Juan Capistrano were destroyed. As a result ranchers began growing citrus, which became the primary crop in the area. The property retains a portion of the citrus ranch as part of its setting. The house reflects the distinctive features of a Craftsman style house including the front porch supported by piers, wood siding, overhanging eaves with decorative brackets, and double hung and casement windows. The outbuildings are also reflective of this style. The house and its outbuildings are good examples of their style and property type in San Juan Capistrano.

Registration Date: 1/10/2007

City: San Juan Capistrano
County: Orange

29991 Camino Capistrano

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