St. Raymond’s Church, and its associated cemetery, is located on about three acres in Dublin, California. The building was constructed in 1858 in the Greek Revival-style, with a Gothic Revival bell tower added in 1880. The cemetery associated with the building is located on one and a half acres to the rear of the church and consists of two lots. The oldest portion of the cemetery (Lot 5) is directly behind the church and dates to 1859, the date on the grave marker of Tom Donlon. It was listed at the local level of significance underunder Criterion C for its design and construction. St. Raymond’s retains good integrity and embodies the distinctive characteristics of mid-nineteenth century Greek Revival architecture: plain, formal and unadorned. It is one of the earliest wood churches in Alameda County and the only such church in Dublin. St. Raymond’s was designated an Alameda County Historical Site, and is a California Point of Historical Interest. St. Raymond’s also meets Criteria Consideration A for religious properties because it is significant for its architectural qualities and not for its religious doctrine. Criteria Consideration D – Cemeteries, does not apply to St. Raymond’s because the cemetery was listed along with its associated church and the church is the primary resource nominated. The cemetery forms an important part of the historic integrity for the church. The church is also a California Point of Historical Interest listedoin 7/18/1967.

Registration Date: 4/12/2006

City: Livermore
County: Alameda

6600 Donlon Way

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