NPS Number: 05001498

The Santa Fe Freight Depot is a reinforced concrete building designed in a utilitarian industrial manner with few style characteristics. The long, narrow building, designed for loading and unloading freight, is approximately one quarter-mile in length. The property was listed under Criteria A and C in the areas of transportation and architecture during the years 1906-1922 as one of the largest and most important surviving buildings associated with the Santa Fe’s industrial rail service in the City of Los Angeles. It is also a very large and important example of early reinforced concrete construction. Constructed in 1906, the building served as the inbound and outbound freight house for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway from 1906 until 1916, after which it was used for inbound freight only. In 1922 freight function was transferred to another facility. A Part 1 – Evaluation of Significance was approved by the National Park Service certifying the building appeared individually eligible for the National Register under Criteria A and C in 2001. After being abandoned for many years, the building was recently rehabilitated for adaptive reuse as a school of architecture for the Southern California Institute of Architecture. The Part 3 certifying the work was complete and in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation was approved by NPS March 2005.

Registration Date: 1/3/2006

City: Los Angeles
County: Los Angeles

970 E. 3rd St.

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