NPS Number: 05000773

The Long Beach Professional Building is an eight story poured in place concrete Art Deco office tower constructed in 1929. The building is decorated with floral and abstract designs cut into the concrete, particularly at the cornice level, below the eighth floor windows and between the second and third floor windows. The building was remodeled in 1962 and at that time the storefronts were changed and all of the windows on the main elevations were replaced with aluminum frame sliding windows, each surmounted by a metal panel covering the original transom. The building was listed at the local level under Criterion C in the area of architecture as an important example of 1920s high rise design in downtown Long Beach. Art Deco characteristics include the vertical emphasis created by the piers, the use of geometric and stylized floral motifs, and decoration which is confined to specific areas. The ornamental portions include the frieze, tops of piers, and spandrel panels. The building is a locally rare example of a high rise with Art Deco design. The building was certified by NPS in 1999 as appearing individually eligible for the National Register. The building was converted into an assisted living facility and the project was certified in 2004 as being consistent with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.

Registration Date: 8/3/2005

City: Long Beach
County: Los Angeles

117 E. 8th St.

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