Green Gables is a residential subdivision developed by Eichler Homes, Inc. in 1950. The 62 homes were designed by architects Robert Anshen and Steve Allen as single story with three bedrooms and one bathroom. As in all Eichler-built homes from 1950 on, Green Gables homes employed a post-and-beam structure on a slab-on-grade foundation. The post-and-beam system enabled the architects to design the dining, kitchen, and living areas as an open plan in a single rectangular space beneath a sixteen-foot free-span roof. The centrally located kitchen and open plan were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian designs. Radiant heating systems, another Wright feature, were standard. In keeping with the modern style, exteriors were clean and simple, essentially devoid of decoration. Exterior horizontal siding was originally stained earth-toned colors. It was listed at the State level of significance nder Criterion C in the area of architecture as an excellent example of Joseph Eichler’s mid-century modern subdivision housing in California. Eichler made a significant contribution in the area of modern home design and innovative construction methods. Working closely (and alternately) with architects Anshen and Allen, and Jones and Emmons, Eichler wished to offer the middle-class high quality, contemporary design in an affordable production house. Green Gables is an excellent example of Joseph Eichler’s early contributions to mid-century residential modernism and the California suburban environment. In 1950 Eichler began working with architects Anshen and Allen who designed houses for six Eichler subdivisions that year. Five of these, including Green Gables, were collectively named “Subdivision of the Year” in the December 1950 issue of Architectural Forum.

Registration Date: 7/28/2005

City: Palo Alto
County: Santa Clara

Channing Ave., Ivy Ln., Greer Rd., Wildwood Ln.

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