NPS Number: 04000680

La Loma Bridge is submitted based on the Early Auto-Related Properties in Pasadena, California Multiple Property Listing, which was reviewed by the State Historical Resources Commission and accepted by the National Park Service in 1996. The associated historic context is Roadways and Bridges, 1899-1944. The associated property type is Bridges. La Loma Bridge is an open-spandrel reinforced concrete arch bridge built in 1914 to carry La Loma Road automobile traffic over the Arroyo Seco between Lower Arroyo and San Rafael Heights. La Loma Bridge is located at one of the earliest crossings of the Arroyo and is the second oldest bridge over the Arroyo, after the Colorado Street Bridge. La Loma Bridge was integral to the development of west-side Arroyo neighbor-hoods. With the development of reinforced concrete, bridges across the Arroyo became more permanent fixtures on the landscape and opportunities to express architectural beauty a high priority for Pasadenans of the time. La Loma Bridge is an excellent example of a Neoclassical open spandrel, reinforced, concrete arch bridge. It was listed at the local level of significance under Criteria A and c.

Registration Date: 7/14/2004

City: Pasadena
County: Los Angeles

Crossing the Arroyo Seco at La Loma Broad

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