NPS Number: 03000987

The Anderton Court Shops were designed in 1954 as a residential/commercial building. Today the complex consists of six small shops; three on each side, each staggered a half-floor from one another and offset by an angular ramp leading up and around an hexagonal light well. The decorative program used throughout the building includes downward tapering piers, fascia and soffit detailing all echoing the chevron pattern created in the central spire, roofline, and angled ramps. The Anderton Court Shops were listed at the national level of significance as an excellent example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1950s commercial work. The inverted “V” front elevation, which stands out in sharp contrast to its traditional, urban neighbors, is filled with Wrightian references, especially from the 1950s, from Fallingwater, S.C. Johnson & Son, Guggenheim Museum, Price Tower, Marin County Civic Center, and Beth Sholom Synagogue. Although elements are familiar, the design is highly original, idiosyncratic, and quintessential Frank Lloyd Wright.

Registration Date: 5/14/2004

City: Beverly Hills
County: Los Angeles

332 N.Rodeo Dr.

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