NPS Number: 01000330

(adapted from the National Register nomination for Samuel Merrill House:
The Samuel Merrill House is a one story single family residence designed by master architects Charles and Henry Greene and constructed in 1910. The Craftsman bungalow is characterized by a low pitched composition roof, unpainted clapboard walls with original stain, bands of windows, clinker brick, cobblestone, and exposed structural elements. Changes include a 1916 sleeping porch addition to the rear, new roofing material, a sliding aluminum and glass door on the front elevation, and the filling in of a side terrace. The Samuel Merrill House is significant at the local level under Criterion C in the area of architecture as a good representative example of Arts and Crafts bungalow architecture in Pasadena. The significance of this property is documented in the "Residential Architecture of Pasadena, CA, 1895-1918" Multiple Property Listing (approved by NPS in 1998). The house exemplifies the values of the Arts and Crafts Movement through the unornamented simplicity and horizontality of its design, the use of natural materials, such as redwood and arroyo stone, and the evidence of craftsmanship seen in the carpentry and joinery.

Registration Date: 4/5/2001

City: Pasadena
County: Los Angeles

1285 N. Summit Avenue

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