The Hermitage is a one and one-half story adobe and wood frame residence whose general appearance dates to a mid-19th century expansion and remodel of an earlier adobe building dating possibly to the 1840s. In 1869 the adobe was enlarged. Ca. 1879 the house took the appearance it retains today when the second story, surrounding porch, and east wing were added. The property was listed at the local level of significance under Criterion B in the area of agriculture and development for the association with James Craig who lived in the house from 1869-1899. Craig arrived in the Pasadena area in 1869, five years before the arrival of the Indiana Colony, purchased 5000 acres, and began remodeling the existing adobe as his home. Until his death in 1899, Craig made significant contributions in the early development of Pasadena as a land and water system developer and as a citrus producer. It was also listed under Criterion C in the area of architecture for the importance of the house as an example of mid-19th century construction in the Pasadena area. It remains today one of the oldest houses from Pasadena’s early settlement period.

Registration Date: 4/5/2001

City: Pasadena
County: Los Angeles

2121 Monte Vista St.

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