Historical Landmark

NPS Number: 83001237

The name of this cemetery, established before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter, reflects the controversy that brought on the Civil War. On March 16, 1859, the purchase of six acres was consummated but the cemetery association, not being a corporate body, did not take title to the property. Instead it was deeded 'to John B. Weller, Governor of California and his successors in office . . . in trust for the use and benefit of the Union Cemetery Association of San Mateo County.' Thisproperty was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places on 8/25/1983.

Registration Date: 6/1/1967

City: Redwood City
County: San Mateo

200 block of Woodside Rd (State Hwy 84), NW corner of El Camino Real and Woodside Rd, Redwood City

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