Historical Landmark

This well, spudded September 26, 1905, and completed April 30, 1906, is the first oil well in which a water shutoff was attained by pumping cement through the tubing and back of the casing-forerunner of the modern cementing technique. It was drilled to a depth of 2,507 feet by Union Oil Company of California, 1,872 feet of 10-inch casing and 2,237 feet of 8-inch casing were so securely cemented off that the well produced for over forty-five years.

Registration Date: 5/1/1957

City: Lompoc
County: Santa Barbara

Mission Hills District, plaque is located 1.6 mi N of Union Oil Co. Production Office, office is located off of Rucker Rd, 5 mi NE of Lompoc

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