Historical Landmark

Arriving in California October 12, 1849, John R. Willms and John H. Kappelmann engaged in the hotel and butcher businesses in Buena Vista, in what is now Stanislaus County. They bought up mining claims and settler's claims until, by 1852, they had a tract of 3,600 acres. The 'KW' brand was the first in Tuolumne County in 1852. After the death of Kappelmann, Willms carried on alone, and the ranch has been owned by the Willms family ever since.

Registration Date: 11/15/1948

City: Knights Ferry
County: Stanislaus

On Willms Rd, 1.3 mi S of State Hwy 120 (P.M. 170), 1.9 mi S of Knights Ferry

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