Historical Landmark

On June 9, 1797, troops under Sergeant Pedro Amador, accompanied by Father Fermín Lasuén, set out from Santa Clara for the spot that the natives called Oroysom in the valley of San Jose. The following day a temporary chapel was erected, and on June 11, the father presidente 'raised and blessed the cross. In a shelter of boughs he celebrated holy mass.' On the 28th Fathers Isidoro Barcenilla and Agustín Merino arrived to take charge of the new mission. The mission, except part of the padre's quarters, was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1868. This property was also listed in the National Regiter of Historic Places on 7/14/71.

Registration Date: 8/8/1939

City: Fremont
County: Alameda

Mission Blvd at Washington Blvd, Fremont

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