California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
BANK OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (N1060) Checkmark 3/15/1982 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
BAYVIEW HOTEL (N1759) Checkmark 3/30/1992 Aptos (Santa Cruz)
BIG BASIN REDWOODS STATE PARK (827) Checkmark 8/29/1968 Big Basin (Santa Cruz)
BOCKIUS, GODFREY M., HOUSE (N1601) Checkmark 7/13/1989 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
BRANCIFORTE ADOBE (N749) Checkmark 1/31/1979 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
BROWN, ALLAN, SITE (N958) Checkmark 6/25/1981 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
CARMELITA COURT (N1433) Checkmark 3/20/1986 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
CASTRO, JOSE JOAQUIN, ADOBE (N466) Checkmark 12/12/1976 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
COPE ROW HOUSES (N1012) Checkmark 1/28/1982 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
COWELL LIME WORKS HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2376) Checkmark 11/21/2007 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
DAVENPORT JAIL (N1769) Checkmark 4/27/1992 Davenport (Santa Cruz)
DISCOVERY OF CALIFORNIA REDWOODS (P177) Checkmark 3/19/1970 Freedom (Santa Cruz)
EVERGREEN CEMETERY (P86) Checkmark 1/26/1968 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
FELTON COVERED BRIDGE (583) Checkmark Checkmark 5/17/1957 Felton (Santa Cruz)
FELTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (N586) Checkmark 4/6/1978 Felton (Santa Cruz)
GARFIELD PARK BRANCH LIBRARY (N1757) Checkmark 3/26/1992 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
GLEN CANYON COVERED BRIDGE (N1286) Checkmark 5/17/1984 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
GLENWOOD (449) Checkmark 11/2/1949 Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz)
GOLDEN GATE VILLA (N378) Checkmark 7/24/1975 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH (N2352) Checkmark 12/19/2006 (Santa Cruz)
HIHN BUILDING (N217) Checkmark 3/20/1973 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
HIHN BUILDING; SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE (P294) Checkmark 1/31/1973 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
HINDS, A. J., HOUSE (N1229) Checkmark 8/25/1983 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
HOTEL METROPOLE (N778) Checkmark 5/23/1979 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
JUDGE LEE HOUSE (N887) Checkmark 6/30/1980 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
LETTUNICH BUILDING (N1798) Checkmark 9/24/1992 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
LIVE OAK RANCH (N377) Checkmark 7/10/1975 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
MADISON HOUSE (N1267) Checkmark 2/2/1984 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
MANSION HOUSE HOTEL (N1223) Checkmark 8/18/1983 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
MISSION HILL AREA HISTORIC DISTRICT (N416) Checkmark 5/17/1976 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
MOUNTAIN CHARLIE BIG TREE (P627) Checkmark 1/12/1984 Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz)
NEARY-RODRIGUEZ ADOBE (N330) Checkmark 2/24/1975 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
OCTAGON BUILDING (N70) Checkmark 3/24/1971 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
OLD RIVERVIEW HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1550) Checkmark 1/22/1988 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
PHILLIPSHURST-RIVERWOOD (N1213) Checkmark 8/4/1983 Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz)
RANCHO SAN ANDRÉS CASTRO ADOBE (998) Checkmark 5/8/1991 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
REDMAN HOUSE (N2253) Checkmark 7/28/2004 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
RISPIN MANSION (N1676) Checkmark 3/14/1991 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
ROBINSON, ELIAS H., HOUSE (N2004) Checkmark 1/9/1998 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SAND HILL BLUFF SITE (N2412) 6/20/2008 (Santa Cruz)
SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK (983) Checkmark 5/26/1989 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY HALL OF RECORDS - OCTAGON BUILDING (P127) Checkmark 6/6/1969 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SANTA CRUZ DOWNTOWN HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1606) Checkmark 7/27/1989 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SCOTT, HIRAM D., HOUSE (N487) Checkmark 4/13/1977 Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz)
SITE OF CENTER OF VILLA DE BRANCIFORTE (469) Checkmark 8/30/1950 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SITE OF MISSION SANTA CRUZ (342) Checkmark 8/8/1939 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
SIX SISTERS-LAWN WAY HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1507) Checkmark 5/1/1987 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
STOESSER BLOCK AND ANNEX (N1189) Checkmark 4/7/1983 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE (860) Checkmark 4/26/1973 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
THE MYSTERY SPOT (1055) Checkmark 8/28/2014 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
TOLL HOUSE, TOLL HOUSE RESORT MOTEL (P790) Checkmark 8/16/1993 Felton (Santa Cruz)
US POST OFFICE--SANTA CRUZ MAIN (N1337) Checkmark 1/11/1985 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
VALENCIA HALL (N1317) Checkmark 9/20/1984 Aptos (Santa Cruz)
VENETIAN COURT APARTMENTS (N1501) Checkmark 4/2/1987 Capitola (Santa Cruz)
VETERANS MEMORIAL BUILDING (N1770) Checkmark 4/27/1992 Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
WATSONVILLE CITY PLAZA (N1224) Checkmark 8/22/1983 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)
WATSONVILLE-LEE ROAD SITE (N421) Checkmark 5/28/1976 Watsonville (Santa Cruz)