California Historical Resources

California's historical resources represent the contributions and collective human experiences of a diversified population spanning 10,000-12,000 years of occupancy in California. This rich heritage is embodied in the cultural and historical landscapes of California as evidenced by archaeological remains, historic buildings, traditional customs, tangible artifacts, historical documents, and public records extant in California. All these evidences of the past contribute to the sum total of California's history. Such historical resources provide continuity with our past and enhance our quality of life.

NOTE: This information is provided for personal research purposes only. The resources listed herein are those that have been designated through one of the four historical resource registration programs managed by the Office of Historic Preservation—it does not contain resources listed automatically or resources formally determined eligible for listing. Additionally, this listing has not been updated or added to since 2008. For these reasons, this information is provided for personal research purposes only. It should not be relied upon for environmental compliance purposes. When doing research related to historical resources for compliance purposes, contact the appropriate California Historical Resources Information System Information Center.

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Name (Landmark Plaque Number) National Register California State Historical Landmark California Register of Historical Resources Point of Interest Date Listed City (County)
25TH STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT (P776)       Checkmark 8/21/1992 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
A. B. MILLER COMMUNITY PARK AND PLUNGE (P626)       Checkmark 12/31/1983 Fontana (San Bernardino)
A. C. BURRAGE MANSION (P433)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
A. K. SMILEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (N463) Checkmark       12/12/1976 Redlands (San Bernardino)
A.K. SMILEY PUBLIC LIBRARY (994)   Checkmark     8/17/1990 Redlands (San Bernardino)
AGUA MANSA (121)   Checkmark     5/15/1933 Colton (San Bernardino)
AIKEN'S WASH NATIONAL REGISTER DISTRICT (N1108) Checkmark       5/24/1982 Baker (San Bernardino)
ALF'S BLACKSMITH SHOP (P362)       Checkmark 11/19/1974 Daggett (San Bernardino)
ANDRESON BUILDING (P549)       Checkmark 3/31/1980 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST (717)   Checkmark     12/2/1959 La Canada (San Bernardino)
ANSON VAN LEUVEN HOUSE AND ORANGE GROVE (P249)       Checkmark 4/25/1972 Loma Linda (San Bernardino)
ANTLERS INN (P700)       Checkmark 3/31/1988 Twin Peaks (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE CA SBR 3186 (N940) Checkmark       2/10/1981 Silver Lake (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE CA-SBR-140 (N2205) Checkmark       6/10/2003 Baker (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE NO. D-4 (N1395) Checkmark       10/25/1985 Needles (San Bernardino)
ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE NO. E-21 (N1396) Checkmark       10/25/1985 Parker (San Bernardino)
ARROWHEAD, THE (977)   Checkmark     4/1/1988 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RAILWAY PASSENGER AND FREIGHT DEPOT (N2119) Checkmark       2/2/2001 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ATCHISON, TOPEKA, AND SANTA FE RAILWAY-REDLANDS STATION (P489)       Checkmark 10/29/1976 Redlands (San Bernardino)
ATWOOD ADOBE SITE (P251)       Checkmark 4/25/1972 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
BAIRDSTOWN (P369)       Checkmark 1/17/1975 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
BALDWIN LAKE (P280)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
BARTON VILLA (N1962) Checkmark       10/24/1996 Redlands (San Bernardino)
BASELINE ROAD (P278)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Highland (San Bernardino)
BATTLE OF CHINO (P338)       Checkmark 7/12/1974 Chino (San Bernardino)
BELLA UNION HOTEL SITE (P281)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
BEVERLY RANCH (N2228) Checkmark       2/11/2004 Redlands (San Bernardino)
BISMARK (P420)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Yermo (San Bernardino)
BITTER SPRING ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE (4-SBR-2659) (N1165) Checkmark       12/20/1982 Barstow (San Bernardino)
BLACK CANYON--INSCRIPTION CANYON--BLACK MOUNTAIN ROCK ART DISTRICT (N2101) Checkmark       9/12/2000 Hinkley (San Bernardino)
BLACKWATER WELL (N2112) Checkmark       11/21/2000 Red Mountains (San Bernardino)
BLOOMINGTON GARAGE AND LA GUE RESIDENCE (P755)       Checkmark 8/8/1991 Bloomington (San Bernardino)
BONO'S RESTAURANT AND DELI (N2382) Checkmark       1/10/2008 (San Bernardino)
BORATE (P419)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Yermo (San Bernardino)
BROOKINGS SAWMILL SITE (P343)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Arrowbear Lake (San Bernardino)
BUZZARD ROCK BARSTOW - PETROGLYPH (P347)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Barstow (San Bernardino)
CA SBR 1008A, CA SBR 1008B, CA SBR 1008C (N1109) Checkmark       5/24/1982 Johannesburg (San Bernardino)
CALICO MOUNTAINS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N221) Checkmark       3/30/1973 Yermo (San Bernardino)
CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY (YUCAIPA STATION) (P811)       Checkmark 5/30/1995 Yucaipa (San Bernardino)
CAMP CADY (P405)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Barstow (San Bernardino)
CAMP CADY (ON THE MOJAVE ROAD) (963)   Checkmark     3/19/1985 Barstow (San Bernardino)
CAMP ROCK SPRING (P408)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Cima (San Bernardino)
CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY BUILDING (N1565) Checkmark       6/23/1988 Colton (San Bernardino)
CENTER OF SAN BERNARDINO, 1853 (P282)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
CHEMEHUEVI CEMETERY (P345)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
CHIMNEY ROCK (737)   Checkmark     6/6/1960 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
CHINO OPERA HOUSE SITE (P593)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Chino (San Bernardino)
CHRISTMAS HOUSE (P454)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
CHURCH OF SAN SECONDO D`ASTI, GUASTI CHURCH (P457)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Guasti (San Bernardino)
CITY CREEK CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS CAMP (P771)       Checkmark 5/11/1992 Highland (San Bernardino)
COLTON CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY / COLTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (P590)       Checkmark 3/1/1982 Colton (San Bernardino)
CONFEDERATE ATTACK MARKER SITE (P432)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
COOLEY ADOBE (P417)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Colton (San Bernardino)
COTTONWOOD SPRING (P291)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
COW CAMP (N395) Checkmark       10/29/1975 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
COX-BRADLEY HOME (P686)       Checkmark 7/1/1987 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
COXEY ROAD (P283)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Fawnskin (San Bernardino)
CRAFTS HOUSE (P424)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
CRAM RANCH AND HOUSE (P331)       Checkmark 5/15/1974 Highland (San Bernardino)
CROWDER CANYON ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N427) Checkmark       6/16/1976 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
CUCAMONGA CHINATOWN SITE (P458)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
CUCAMONGA RANCHO WINERY (490)   Checkmark     10/10/1951 Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
DALEY TOLL ROAD MONUMENT (579)   Checkmark     5/17/1957 Rim Forest (San Bernardino)
DE ANZA PARK MARKER / ANZA TRAIL (P292)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Ontario (San Bernardino)
DECLEZ RANCH; FELICE PAGLIUSO WINERY (P596)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
DEL ROSA SWAMP (P430)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
DR. GRAINGER HYER HOME (P461)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
EL GARCES (N2170) Checkmark       5/17/2002 Needles (San Bernardino)
EUCLID AVENUE (N2304) Checkmark       8/10/2005 Upland and Ontario (San Bernardino)
FAWN LODGE (P804)       Checkmark 8/23/1994 Fawnskin (San Bernardino)
FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF RIALTO (N2188) Checkmark       2/20/2003 Rialto (San Bernardino)
FISHER HOUSE (P426)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
FONTANA COMMUNITY CHURCH COMPLEX (P598)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA COMPANY TRACT OFFICE/LIBRARY/C OF C BUILDING (P595)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA FARMS COMPANY RANCH HOUSE, CAMP NO. 1 (N1159) Checkmark       11/1/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA FARMS RANCH HOUSE, PEPPER STREET HOUSE (P594)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA PIT AND GROOVE PETROGLYPH SITE (N860) Checkmark       4/17/1980 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FONTANA WOMAN'S CLUB HOUSE (P597)       Checkmark 6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
FORT BENSON (617)   Checkmark     9/11/1957 Colton (San Bernardino)
FORT PIUTE/PIUTE SPRINGS/FORT BEALE/PIUTE CREEK/PIUTE HIL (P250)       Checkmark 4/25/1972 Needles (San Bernardino)
FOSSIL CANYON PETROGLYPH SITE (N2192) Checkmark       3/3/2003 Barstow (San Bernardino)
FOXTROT PETROGLYPH SITE (N1901) Checkmark       2/23/1995 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
FRANKISH BUILDING (N897) Checkmark       8/11/1980 Ontario (San Bernardino)
FRED T. PERRIS HOUSE SITE (P425)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
FRINK ADOBE (P293)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Bryn Mawr (San Bernardino)
FRINK ADOBE (C20)     Checkmark   11/7/2003 Loma Linda (San Bernardino)
GARCÉS-SMITH MONUMENT (618)   Checkmark     9/11/1957 (San Bernardino)
GARCIA RANCH HOUSE (P462)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Etiwanda (San Bernardino)
GOFFS SCHOOLHOUSE (N2144) Checkmark       10/11/2001 Goffs (San Bernardino)
GRAPELAND HOMESTEADS AND WATER WORKS (P756)       Checkmark 8/8/1991 Fontana (San Bernardino)
GUACHAMA RANCHERIA (95)   Checkmark     3/29/1933 Redlands (San Bernardino)
GUAPIABIT (P403)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Crestline (San Bernardino)
GUASTI (BROOKSIDE) WINERY (P464)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Guasti (San Bernardino)
HAPPY HILL RESORT: TIDWELL HOUSE (P667)       Checkmark 12/17/1985 Big Bear Lake (San Bernardino)
HARRY WADE EXIT ROUTE (622)   Checkmark     10/9/1957 Baker (San Bernardino)
HARVEY HOUSE (892) Checkmark Checkmark     2/20/1976 Barstow (San Bernardino)
HARVEY HOUSE RAILROAD DEPOT (N340) Checkmark       4/3/1975 Barstow (San Bernardino)
HENRY WASHINGTON SURVEY MARKER (P406)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
HERITAGE HOUSE (JUDGE GEORGE E. OTIS HOUSE) (P632)       Checkmark 5/31/1984 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
HIGHLAND HISTORIC DISTRICT (N2128) Checkmark       4/5/2001 Highland (San Bernardino)
HOFER RANCH (N1836) Checkmark       7/8/1993 Ontario (San Bernardino)
HOLCOMB VALLEY (619) Checkmark Checkmark     9/11/1957 Big Bear (San Bernardino)
HOME OF ETERNITY CEMETERY OF CONGREGATION EMANU EL (P383)       Checkmark 3/20/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
HOME OF NEIGHBORLY SERVICE (P488)       Checkmark 10/29/1976 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
HUNSAKER FLATS--RUNNING SPRINGS LOGGING WHEELS HISTORICAL (P260)       Checkmark 6/22/1972 Arrowbear Lake (San Bernardino)
JEDEDIAH SMITH MONUMENT (P416)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
KAISER STEEL (P452)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Fontana (San Bernardino)
KELSO DEPOT (P684)       Checkmark 7/1/1987 Kelso (San Bernardino)
KELSO DEPOT, RESTAURANT AND EMPLOYEES HOTEL (N2138) Checkmark       8/2/2001 Kelso (San Bernardino)
KEYS DESERT QUEEN RANCH (N396) Checkmark       10/30/1975 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
KEYS RANCH (P344)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Joshua Tree (San Bernardino)
KIMBERLY CREST (1019)   Checkmark     12/8/1995 Carlsbad (San Bernardino)
KIMBERLY CREST (N1940) Checkmark       3/28/1996 Redlands (San Bernardino)
LANFAIR (P527)       Checkmark 1/31/1979 Cima (San Bernardino)
LUGONIA SCHOOL MONUMENT (P258)       Checkmark 6/22/1972 Redlands (San Bernardino)
MADONNA OF THE TRAIL (1028)   Checkmark     11/7/1998 Upland (San Bernardino)
MADONNA OF THE TRAIL (P450)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
MARTIN ADOBE SITE (P685)       Checkmark 7/1/1987 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
MILL CREEK ZANJA (N496) Checkmark       5/12/1977 Redlands and (San Bernardino)
MILLIKEN RANCH (P456)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
MOJAVE ROAD, THE (963) Checkmark Checkmark     3/19/1985 Barstow (San Bernardino)
MOREY HOUSE / MOREY-CHENEY HOUSE (P429)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
MORMON FLOUR MILL SITE (P428)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
MORMON ROAD (96)   Checkmark     3/29/1933 Crestline (San Bernardino)
MORMON SCHOOLS SITE (P427)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
MORMON TRAIL MONUMENT (577)   Checkmark     5/17/1957 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
MOUND CITY (LOMA LINDA) (P285)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Redlands (San Bernardino)
MOYSE BUILDING (N758) Checkmark       2/28/1979 Chino (San Bernardino)
MULE CAR (P342)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Ontario (San Bernardino)
NATIONAL OLD TRAILS MONUMENT (781)   Checkmark     11/20/1962 Needles (San Bernardino)
NATIONAL ORANGE SHOW (P259)       Checkmark 6/22/1972 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
NEWBERRY CAVE SITE (N2113) Checkmark       11/21/2000 Newberry Springs (San Bernardino)
NORDOFF HOME (P422)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
OLD BEAR VALLEY DAM (725)   Checkmark     2/5/1960 Big Bear Lake (San Bernardino)
OLD GUEST HOUSE MUSEUM (P815)       Checkmark 12/15/1995 Trona (San Bernardino)
OLD HARWOOD HOUSE (P460)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
OLD PIONEER CATHOLIC CEMETERY (P455)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
OLD SAN ANTONIO HOSPITAL (N849) Checkmark       1/2/1980 Upland (San Bernardino)
OLD WOMAN SPRINGS (P290)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
ONTARIO STATE BANK BLOCK (N983) Checkmark       1/8/1982 Ontario (San Bernardino)
ONTARIO STATE BANK BLOCK SITE, HOWELLS HOUSE SITE (P370)       Checkmark 1/17/1975 Ontario (San Bernardino)
ORO GRANDE CEMETERY (P404)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Oro Grande (San Bernardino)
PARTRIDGE HOUSE, PAUL F ALLEN HOUSE (P423)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
PINECREST RESORT DINING HALL (P649)       Checkmark 2/20/1985 Sbr Nf (San Bernardino)
PIONEER CEMETERY (P289)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
PIONEER DEEP SPACE STATION (N1387) Checkmark       10/3/1985 Fort Irwin (San Bernardino)
PIONEER MONUMENT (P431)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
PIUTE PASS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N255) Checkmark       8/14/1973 Needles (San Bernardino)
POZOS DE SAN JUAN DE DIOS, MARL SPRINGS (P279)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Cima (San Bernardino)
PROSPECT PARK (P181)       Checkmark 7/28/1970 Redlands (San Bernardino)
RABBIT SPRINGS (P288)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Lucerne Valley (San Bernardino)
RAILROAD SUMMIT, CAJON PASS (P473)       Checkmark 2/27/1976 Hesperia (San Bernardino)
RAINS, JOHN, HOUSE (N230) Checkmark       4/24/1973 Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
RATTLESNAKE ROCK - DAGGETT - PETROGLYPHS (P348)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Daggett (San Bernardino)
REDLANDS CENTRAL RAILWAY COMPANY CAR BARN (N1669) Checkmark       1/3/1991 Redlands (San Bernardino)
REDLANDS SANTA FE DEPOT DISTRICT (N1744) Checkmark       10/29/1991 Redlands (San Bernardino)
ROCK CAMP - LAKE ARROWHEAD (P275)       Checkmark 11/1/1972 Lake Arrowhead (San Bernardino)
RODMAN MOUNTAINS PETROGLYPHS ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N1104) Checkmark       5/10/1982 Barstow (San Bernardino)
ROSE MINE (P287)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
SADDLEBACK INN ARROWHEAD (P669)       Checkmark 6/5/1986 Lake Arrowhead (San Bernardino)
SAN BERNARDINO - SONORA ROAD (P286)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Ontario (San Bernardino)
SAN BERNARDINO ASISTENCIA (42)   Checkmark     8/1/1932 Redlands (San Bernardino)
SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA THEATRE (P642)       Checkmark 11/16/1984 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY COURT HOUSE (N2005) Checkmark       1/12/1998 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY MUSEUM (P142)       Checkmark 8/29/1969 Bloomington (San Bernardino)
SAN SALVADOR SCHOOL ADOBE (P474)       Checkmark 2/27/1976 Colton (San Bernardino)
SANTA FE AND SALT LAKE TRAIL MONUMENT (576)   Checkmark     5/17/1957 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SANTA FE STATION BUILDING (P418)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SCHOOLHOUSE/THIMBLE CLUB, OLD SCHOOLHOUSE MUSEUM (P729)       Checkmark 8/17/1990 Chino (San Bernardino)
SEARLES LAKE BORAX DISCOVERY (774)   Checkmark     8/16/1962 Trona (San Bernardino)
SEELY SAWMILL MONUMENT (P261)       Checkmark 6/22/1972 Crestline (San Bernardino)
SINCLAIR COMMERCIAL BLOCK (P617)       Checkmark 7/12/1983 Fontana (San Bernardino)
SITE OF MORMON STOCKADE (44)   Checkmark     8/1/1932 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SITE OF THE RANCHO CHINO ADOBE OF ISAAC WILLIAMS (942)   Checkmark     2/19/1981 Chino (San Bernardino)
SLOVER MOUNTAIN (P284)       Checkmark 1/31/1973 Colton (San Bernardino)
SMILEY PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT (N1897) Checkmark       12/29/1994 Redlands (San Bernardino)
SODA SPRING (P407)       Checkmark 5/9/1975 Baker (San Bernardino)
SOUTH FONTANA INDIAN PIT AND GROOVE PETROGLYPH SITE (P463)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Fontana (San Bernardino)
SQUAW SPRING ARCHEOLOGICAL DISTRICT (N965) Checkmark       7/28/1981 Red Mountain (San Bernardino)
ST. BERNARDINE OF SIENA CATHOLIC CHURCH (P657)       Checkmark 7/2/1985 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH/CHAFFEY COMMUNITIES CULTURAL (P459)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
STEPHENS & BOBBITT MORTUARY / VICTORY CHAPEL (C26)     Checkmark   8/5/2005 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
STODDARD-WAITE MONUMENT (578)   Checkmark     5/17/1957 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
STONE CASTLE POWERHOUSE, ONTARIO ELECTRIC COMPANY (P453)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Upland (San Bernardino)
STONE HOTEL & PEOPLE'S GENERAL STORE (P658)       Checkmark 7/2/1985 Daggett (San Bernardino)
STURGES AUDITORIUM (P608)       Checkmark 1/14/1983 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
SYCAMORE GROVE (573)   Checkmark     4/1/1957 Devore (San Bernardino)
SYCAMORE INN (P451)       Checkmark 12/22/1975 Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
TAPIA ADOBE (SITE OF) (360)   Checkmark     10/9/1939 Cucamonga (San Bernardino)
TOPOCK MAZE ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE (N678) Checkmark       10/5/1978 Needles (San Bernardino)
TOWN OF CALICO (782)   Checkmark     11/20/1962 Yermo (San Bernardino)
Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments (Thematic)-HULA VILLE (Site of) (939-7)   Checkmark     2/19/1981 Hesperia (San Bernardino)
Twentieth Century Folk Art Environments (Thematic)-POSSUM TROT (939-6)   Checkmark     2/19/1981 Yermo (San Bernardino)
TWENTYNINE PALMS OASIS (P340)       Checkmark 9/3/1974 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
UNITED STATES RABBIT EXPERIMENTAL STATION (950)   Checkmark     6/9/1982 Fontana (San Bernardino)
UPLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY (N1661) Checkmark       12/10/1990 Upland (San Bernardino)
UPLAND WAITING SYSTEM (P472)       Checkmark 2/27/1976 Upland (San Bernardino)
US POST OFFICE--DOWNTOWN STATION (N1333) Checkmark       1/11/1985 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
US POST OFFICE--REDLANDS MAIN (N1334) Checkmark       1/11/1985 Redlands (San Bernardino)
VON SCHMIDT STATE BOUNDARY MONUMENT (859)   Checkmark     4/26/1973 Needles (San Bernardino)
WALL STREET MILL (N399) Checkmark       11/12/1975 Twentynine Palms (San Bernardino)
WASHINGTON, HENRY, SURVEY MARKER (N357) Checkmark       5/12/1975 Big Bear City (San Bernardino)
WEIR BUILDING, THE (P605)       Checkmark 12/31/1982 Upland (San Bernardino)
WELLS HOUSE (P421)       Checkmark 8/7/1975 Redlands (San Bernardino)
WEST TWIN CREEK WATER CO. SYSTEM FLUME (P643)       Checkmark 11/16/1984 San Bernardino (San Bernardino)
WILLIS WELL - STONE MONUMENT AND PETROGLYPHS (P322)       Checkmark 1/15/1974 Daggett (San Bernardino)
YORBA-SLAUGHTER ADOBE (191)   Checkmark     6/20/1935 Chino (San Bernardino)
YUCAIPA ADOBE (528)   Checkmark     9/11/1957 Yucaipa (San Bernardino)
YUCAIPA RANCHERIA (620)   Checkmark     9/11/1957 Yucaipa (San Bernardino)
YUCAIPA WOMAN'S CLUB CLUBHOUSE (P775)       Checkmark 8/21/1992 Yucaipa (San Bernardino)
ZANJA (43)   Checkmark     8/1/1932 Redlands (San Bernardino)
ZZYZX SPRINGS (P346)       Checkmark 9/13/1974 Baker (San Bernardino)