Messier Marathon

Park: Saddleback Butte SP

On Saturday evening March 29th, join the Antelope Valley Astronomy Club at Saddleback Butte State Park as they train their telescopes towards the wonders of the Cosmos.  A new moon will provide superbly dark skies, great for peering beyond earth’s confines towards the mysteries of our universe.


The Astronomy Club will provide this public viewing in conjunction with the Support Saddleback Committee, which works diligently towards keeping Saddleback and all of our State Parks open for public enjoyment.  In particular that night, the Astronomy Club will pleasure in targeting and unveiling up to 110 “Messier” objects, mixed within the brighter star background.  These objects were first catalogued in 1771 by French Astronomer Charles Messier and subsequently added onto by later astronomers’ wondrous discoveries.  Today we now know these deep sky objects represent distant galaxies, planetary nebula, diffuse nebula and fascinating open and globular clusters.  


The Astronomy Club’s telescopes will be set up at 7 p.m. at the Joshua Group Camp.  The Saddleback Butte Campground is located at the corner of 170th Street East and East Avenue K, just north of Lake Los Angeles.  More information about the park can be found at,, and or call (661) 946-6900. 

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Event Dates

Saturday, March 29, 2014