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Bale Grist Mill SHP - Old Mill Days

Time: 10am to 3pm    
Entry: $5.00 per person.  Under 6 years free

A living history event – Come join the staff and volunteers who recreate an educational, hands-on day of old time crafts and activities, music, milling demonstrations and food (sold separately).  Activities include a wood working area, corn husk dolls, stitching, apple pressing, washing clothes station, flour sifting, and much more.  Dr. Bale tells the stories of 1850-60’s era medical techniques along with a host of tools that a doctor would have in his satchel.  Skip around the grounds listening to fiddlers, banjos and guitars as the musicians sing the songs of the past.  A fun event for all ages.  Rain or shine, the event will be held on the mill grounds and inside the mill and granary buildings.  Anyone needed assistance can call the park at 707-963-2236  or send questions to    

Bothe-Napa Valley SP

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