Saturday, March 3 from 12pm to 4pm

Presentation at 1pm: “Salamanders of the Santa Cruz Mountains” by Amy Patten
Guided Hike at 3pm

Join us as the “Ranch of the Bear” becomes “Ranch of the Newt,” celebrating our amphibian friends that make their way from beneath rocks and under logs to the creeks, wetlands, and puddles of the park. Live amphibians will be available for viewing. Ranger-led salamander hike will start at 3pm on the mile long Marsh Trail. Herpetologist Amy Patten is presenting
Salamanders of the Santa Cruz Mountains,” an all ages presentation at 1pm. This free event is appropriate for all ages.

“Salamanders of the Santa Cruz Mountains”
The diverse habitats of the Santa Cruz Mountains are home to a number of spectacular salamander species. Colorful newts, minute slender salamanders, or the impressive California Giant Salamander are just a few of the salamanders that you might see on a walk through the woods or even in your own backyard. Each species has special adaptations to meet the challenges of escaping predators, finding food, breeding and surviving harsh weather conditions. This presentation covers the natural history and behavior of these salamanders and highlights their importance in our local ecosystems.

Rancho del Oso is the coastal portion of Big Basin, located off Highway 1 in Davenport. For more information, please call (831) 427-2288, or email

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