June 24th, July 29th, and August 26th 2017  (The tours are sold out)

Three Extraordinary Nights - Three Remarkable Tours
Bodie will stay open until 10pm for the General Public. You are welcome to enjoy town on your own or take a tour and turn your night into an experience that will last a lifetime!!

The 1.5 hour Ghost Walk begins at 6pm at the Church. As we meander through the quiet streets, you will learn of the most fascinating ghost stories and legends of Bodie. We will visit hangouts of the notorious, peer into the homes of the gentle and walk among the spirits of the past...

At 8pm, there will be an Exclusive Ghost Mill Tour. The 116 year old Standard Mill will be especially spooky under dim lights... You will hear strange tales of the place where memories have collected for over a century.

If you have ever experienced Bodie at night, you know that the star studded sky is breathtaking. It is a perfect time to learn of the ancient stories of our universe. Astronomer Dave Hurst will begin the 'Star Stories' at 8:30pm.

$40 per person - Ghost Walk

$25 per person - Ghost Mill Tour

FREE - Star Stories

Please call (760) 647-6564 for more details.

Entrance fee apply to all visitors ($5 Adults - $3 under 18)

Park closes at 10pm

See more at: http://www.bodiefoundation.org/bodie-ghost-walk-ghost-mill/

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