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Castro Adobe Open House

Castro Adobe Open House: Alta COWlifornia
Saturday, June 3 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Holy cow! As summer approaches it’s time for the matanza! This annual slaughter of cattle took place in the summer and was extremely important in Alta California. Why were cows so important? Californios like Juan Jose Castro made their wealth in the cow hide and tallow trade, which produced goods like soap, candles, and everything leather. Learn about the importance of the vacas in Alta California and how cows allowed the Castros to build their dream home we call the Castro Adobe. Ninos, come to the kids’ table and learn how to make a candle! This free event requires pre-registration. Reserve your 90-minute tour of the Castro Adobe at: Event made possible by Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks and California State Parks.

Rancho San Andrés Castro Adobe

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