Pine Ridge Association

Graphic: Logo for Pine Ridge Interpretive AssociationThe Pine Ridge Association (PRA) was formed in 1975 to assist park staff at Henry W. Coe State Park in designing interpretive and educational programs and presenting the programs to the public.

Association activities include guided walks, evening programs in the Visitor Center, and annual events such as the Mother's Day breakfast, the Coe Backcountry Weekend, and the fall TarantulaFest.

The Association publishes a newsletter (The Ponderosa), maps, interpretive leaflets and books, and free informational handouts about Coe Park.

The PRA is an official cooperating association with California State Parks. For more information or to join, visit the Pine Ridge Association website.

Pine Ridge Association
9100 East Dunne Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA  95037

TEL 408-779-2728 / FAX 408-778-5749

California State Parks has a valuable relationship with more than 80 cooperating associations authorized pursuant to Public Resources Code 513. These non-profit charitable organizations are dedicated to enhancing the educational and interpretive programs in California State Parks. Associations are related to, but independent of the state parks they serve.

Many associations have websites. California State Parks encourages you to visit these websites, however does not guarantee the content, timeliness or accuracy of the materials on these sites.