Recreation Planning Unit

Kings Beach SRA

Recreation Planning Unit (RPU):
  Addresses the issues, problems and opportunities 
    that affect the State Park System; and
  Reports trends in use, facilities and operations at 
    state parks


Planning Milestones
The annual Planning Milestones documents contain "of record" information on the total number and specific identity of those classified units and major unclassified properties that constitute the State Park System. 

State Park System Statistical Report
The annual State Park System Statistical Report provides snapshots of the system's scope and scale. This report includes information such as acreage, facility statistics, and visitation rates for each unit in the system.

State Park System Plan 2002
This document contains goals, policies, objectives, and proposals for new programs and initiatives needed to guide the State Park System. Please contact the Section at (916) 445-8821 or email to request a hard copy.

Purpose Statements Collection
The statements identify a unit's most important values and features and indicate the Departments' primary objectives in its management.