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Strategic Planning and Recreation Services Division

The Strategic Planning and Recreation Services Division prepares California State Parks and other outdoor recreation providers for the future by: 

-Collecting information and providing research and analysis on recreation opportunities, park resources, and public preferences.
-Collaborating with others to plan for California’s state parks and other outdoor recreation areas.
-Communicating recreation and park needs and opportunities to agency leaders, park and recreation professionals, other public officials, and the public.

The Strategic Planning and Recreation Services Division's responsibilities include:

 Recreation Planning Unit: Addresses the issues, problems and opportunities that affect the State Park System; and reports trends in use, facilities and operations at state parks.

 The Park Planner's Toolbox:  Technical assistance for park and outdoor recreation providers.

 Publications:  Produced by the Recreation Planning Unit for park and recreation professionals.



Other Information:

 California Park Planner Newsletter - Economic Benefits Issue (Nov 2011)
 California Outdoor Recreation Economic Study: Statewide Contributions and Benefits (2011)
 California Outdoor Recreation Economic Study: State Park System Contributions and Benefits (2011)
 Delta and Suisun Marsh Recreation Proposal (2011)